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Yoel Droguett | Speech Language Pathologist | Voice Therapist

Your Voice Matters


SLP-Reg (C)

SAC Clinical Certification: 9856S


YSLPAA: 2102

Languages that I speak: English & Spanish

I am Yoel Droguett, Registered Speech-Language Pathologist with experience in Voice Disorders and Vocal Training. I have been working as a private practicioner in the field for over 6 years treating different laryngeal and voice pathologies. 


I have had also the chance to work with singers, actors and speakers, helping them improve their vocal technique and teaching them strategies to balance their respiration, voice production (phonation) and resonance, using evidence-based techniques.

I worked 3 years as a University Professor in Voice Disorders and have written scientific articles about voice analysis and acoustic sciences.

Currently, I am working in Yukon Continuing Care and I also volunteer as a President of the Yukon Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology Association (YSLPAA).

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